Criswell's Conundrum, by David Bailin, 2012

Warren Criswell: Anxious Realist
by Peter Frank, 2003

The Narcissistic Sinner: Warren Criswell's Pictures by Donald Kuspit, 1994


 Essays & Lectures by Criswell

Behind the Curtain: Some Thoughts on DISPARATE ACTS REDUX, 2015


The Criswell Linocut: A Different Kind of Print, 2015


Words, Images, Presence & Pizza, 2014


It's About Time: some thoughts on animation, 2012


Bailin Interviews Criswell (sic), 2012

In Search of a Body: An Art Mystery
, 2011


 World in Progress: David Bailin's Midrash Drawings, 2000


The Membrane: Some Twisted
Thoughts on Creativity


Preludio: An Introduction to the Poetry of Margueritte,


A lecture given at the Arkansas Arts Center, May 26, 1995


Ulysses at Circe's: a Fax to China,


The Spirit & the Flesh, a radio interview with Warren Criswell by Dr. Lloyd W. Benjamin III from 1992


Criswell Predicts: a lost mathematical
manuscript restored, 1987


Passionate Geometry: Sammy Peters at the Heights Gallery, 1986


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