Museums, Institutions & Selected Private Collections 


The Arkansas Arts Center

The Morris Museum

Arkansas State University

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Henderson State University

Central Arkansas Library

The Historic Arkansas Museum

Connecticut Graphic Arts Center

Tyson Foods

Taipei Capital Art Center

Private collections

David Bailin

Terry Bean

Bob Boury

Bruce & Arlene Bueno de Mesquita

Mary Cockrill & Chester Phillips

Norwood Creech & Tri Watkins

A Private Little Rock Collector

Janet Criswell

Joe & Anita Daugherty

Olga Elwood

Jill Conner Browne & Kyle Jennings

Jackye & Curtis Finch

Jonathan Green & Richard Weedman

Walton Goggins

Phillip Martin

Rocky Sapp

Don Tilton

Ellis Widner

Steve Whiteaker



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